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Chain Activated!


Thank you for entering your friends' E-mails. This has gotten you started for your chance to win a Traxxas XO-1. This is your code: . We have sent this code to all your friends so start keeping track of your points. Feel free to share your code with others. They'll need it when they purchase their online tickets. You don't even have to go to the show to win.

How to win. If you get at least 6 of your friends or their friends to buy a ticket online before 12 am on June 1, 2013 you become eligible for a drawing that will take place at the RCX Show. If you belong to a club or a track, message all the members. You don't need to be present to win.

How it works. Step 1: Register your name and email above. Step 2: Enter your Chain of Friends E-mails. Step 3: Activate your chain. You and your friends will be notified of your unique code to use if they buy a ticket online. Provide any number of email addresses of friends that you think would like to join the fun. Each email address is the start of a new chain. If they buy a ticket you earn a point. If they start their own chain and their friends buy a ticket you earn another point and so on as long as the chain of RCX friends remains unbroken. Your point status will be updated daily so come back often and see how you are doing. If you need more points you can always start a new chain!!!

If you've already purchased your ticket, you just have to start your chain by registering above.

One More Thing: The person with the highest score will win a lifetime membership to the premium website of their choice, or which includes digital editions and access to 30 years of archived content.

Click here for official rules.

Any questions, E-mail